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Historical Baradari

A beautiful white building amidst green lawns of Lucknow Zoo will surely attract you. It is Lucknow Zoo's famous historical Baradari. Baradari means a building with 12 doors, which is open in four sides allowing fresh air and outside view. It is said that the Baradari was once equipped with valuable colored stones which disappeared after 1857 war of Independence. As per history this Baradari was got constructed by the 2nd Nawab of Lucknow- Nawab Nariruddin Haider. White marbles floor, 24 columns and excellent architectural art provide a lot of peace when you visit Zoo.

Blockbuster Hindi film 'Umrao Jaan' hit song 'Inn Aankhon ki Masti ke' was shot in the Baradari. Recently 'Raksh' film shooting is also held here.

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